Finding Peace in a Chaotic World!

At the time of this sermon there is a worldwide virus pandemic taking place. People are being isolated to groups no larger than 10 at a time in the USA and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has placed restrictions on many things including church meetings, work, schools, restaurants etc. In this sermon Prophecies of Hope evangelist Mark Martin shares how even in the face of what could potentially cause mass hysteria on a global scale, Gods people can have peace, hope and tranquility.

A New Perspective

Sometimes things may happen in our life that will cause us to reconsider what’s important to us personally and how it affects our relationship with God and with others. The Bible has numerous accounts where people have made decisions which were not always according to God’s will. In this sermon Prophecies of Hope speaker Rick Tyler shares a testimony and several accounts from the Bible to show how many of us may need a new perspective on how we view life and our relationship with God and Jesus.

Unique Truths

In this sermon Prophecies of Hope evangelist Mark Martin shares a few thoughts about things the Bible teaches which many Christians have never been taught.

Weekly Radio Program – Healthy New Year! (Broadcast 12/29/2013)

Most of us are interested in having better health. Did you know that God gives us health laws in the Bible? In this program Mark and Rick will share what the Bible has to say about diet and how we can live a longer and healthier life! (Broadcast date 12/29/2013)