Walking With God!

Most people today know that a vigorous walk each day can have immediate and long term health benefits. In this sermon Prophecies of Hope evangelist Mark Martin compares walking daily, to daily walking with God. Mark shares a few aspects of his personal testimony and how walking daily and daily walking with God has improved his life and how it can improve yours too!

Does God Care About Our Diet?

For years the medical industry has sounded warnings about diet, cholesterol, high blood pressure, tobacco, stress and obesity. In this lecture Prophecies of Hope evangelist Mark Martin shares what the Bible has to say about the best diet for humanity and how following this benefits us now! This is the final of six presentations in the 2019 Bible series.

Weekly Radio Program – Healthy New Year! (Broadcast 12/29/2013)

Most of us are interested in having better health. Did you know that God gives us health laws in the Bible? In this program Mark and Rick will share what the Bible has to say about diet and how we can live a longer and healthier life! (Broadcast date 12/29/2013)