Finding Peace In Times Of Trouble

At the time of this program broadcast there is a worldwide pandemic that has caused many people to be afraid and worried beyond what is usual. In this program Mark, Rick and Ed discuss the comfort we can receive from God’s Word the Bible in troublesome times. This is Ed Short’s radio debut on this program! Ed is a speaker and Sabbath School instructor for the Prophecies of Hope ministry. (Broadcast Date 4/5/2020)

Is It Later Then You Think?

For nearly two thousand years God’s people have anticipated Jesus’ return. Prophecies of Hope evangelist Mark Martin examines times of past judgement in the Old Testament and compares these to the words of Jesus in the New Testament. What can we learn from these accounts? How do these things affect us now? Should we feel a sense of urgency about the times in which we live? Is it later than you think? These questions and more are discussed in this sermon.

The Perfect Candidate

When we meet people on a daily basis do we consider them candidates for the kingdom of God? In the first century, who would have known that Saul who persecuted Christians would become Paul who eventually wrote many New Testament Bible books and become a candidate for the kingdom? In this sermon Prophecies of Hope speaker Rick Tyler shows the importance of witnessing without partiality and doing so whenever we have the opportunity.

Can America Be Great Again?

In this lecture Prophecies of Hope evangelist Mark Martin shows what the Book of Revelation has to say about the United States. This is the eighth of 8 lectures in the 2017 Prophecies of Hope Daniel and Revelation seminar.

Desiring A Better Country

To most Americans the fourth of July is considered a day of independence and is celebrated across the nation as such. What does this mean for Christians? How did this affect the founding fathers of the United States? What did the founders of the United States understand about God? How does this affect American Christians? In this sermon Prophecies of Hope speaker Rick Tyler discusses these things from a Biblical perspective.

Is God’s Hand In The Political Arena?

Most Christians believe and understand that God is involved in every aspect of their lives. How far can we take this idea? Is God involved in the political scene of the world? In this program Rick and Mark share some interesting texts from the Bible which help answer these questions. (Broadcast Date 11/20/2016)