The World Is Passing Away!

In this sermon Prophecies of Hope evangelist Mark Martin speaks on the very controversial topic of pride as viewed by the world today. We will see the importance of sharing the Gospel with people of all backgrounds and lifestyles and Mark shares ways we can do this effectively whether they are believers in the word of God or not.

Lawlessness Will Abound

In today’s world everything seems out of order. That which is right is said to be wrong, in is out, up is down and many people are afraid to take a stand against this form of indoctrination. Because of wanting to be accepted by their peers even churches and ministries have started taking a neutral position as to what is moral and what is immoral. In this sermon Prophecies of Hope evangelist Mark Martin shares some Bible texts which not only condemn that which is wrong in God’s eyes, but he shares how we can overcome and make the changes in our life that can lead to eternal life with Christ Jesus and His heavenly Father!

Is It Later Then You Think?

For nearly two thousand years God’s people have anticipated Jesus’ return. Prophecies of Hope evangelist Mark Martin examines times of past judgement in the Old Testament and compares these to the words of Jesus in the New Testament. What can we learn from these accounts? How do these things affect us now? Should we feel a sense of urgency about the times in which we live? Is it later than you think? These questions and more are discussed in this sermon.

The Holy and The Common

The Holy and The Common

This broadcast is a sermon by Mark Martin which shares the Biblical contrast of that which is Holy to that which is profane or common. (Broadcast Date 4/02/2017)