Does It Really Matter?

The vast majority of Christians celebrate holidays which are commonly associated with things that we may consider to be Biblical in origin. Do the ancient origins of a religious holiday make a difference in God’s eyes? Does it really matter? Are we willing to give this serious consideration and make any needed changes in our thinking in this regard? In this sermon Prophecies of Hope evangelist Mark Martin considers these questions from both a historical and Biblical point of view.

Valentine’s Day, From Pagan to Profit

Many people observe Valentine’s Day in some way. shape or form. Each year billions of dollars are spent purchasing gifts, candy, jewelry etc to celebrate this day. However, as with most of the Holidays, most people never consider where the customs come from. Is Valentine’s Day a Christian Holiday? Does it matter where and how it originated? In this video Prophecies of Hope evangelist Mark Martin shares why it’s important to know and understand these things.

Weekly Radio Program – Should You Be My Valentine? (Broadcast 2/6/2014)

Valentine’s Day is celebrated by millions of Christians. Is this a Holiday that pleases God? In this program Mark and Rick discuss some of the origins of Valentine’s Day (Broadcast date 2/6/2014)

Should You Be My Valentine?

On February 14 Valentine’s day is observed around the world by people of many different backgrounds. Where and when did this celebration start? Who is Saint Valentine? Is this a Christian holiday? Prophecies Of Hope evangelist Mark Martin answers these questions and many more in this presentation.