Return On Investment!

When one invests in the material things of this world, there is nothing that will give an instantaneous or an absolute guaranteed return on your investment. When we follow Jesus there is a cost involved but what is the return on our investment? In this sermon Prophecies of Hope evangelist Mark Mark shares what the Bible has to say about the return on our investment in Christ Jesus.

Taken Out of Context

It seems that when most people including pastors, ministers and even whole church denominations present the Bible, many times they do so out of the context of what was actually written. In this sermon Prophecies of Hope evangelist Mark Martin shares just a few places where context is often left out and major misunderstandings have resulted leading people to false doctrines.

The Day Of The Lord

For nearly 2000 years Christians have been expecting and preparing for the day of the Lord. In this Sermon Prophecies of Hope evangelist Mark Martin examines 2 passages of Scripture which can help us to be ready for this highly anticipated day with confidence!

Slaves of Appetite

Is it really possible for someone to be a slave of appetite? What does this mean? Does being a slave of appetite include only what we eat or can it include other things as well? How do these things affect your physical and mental health today? In this sermon Prophecies of Hope speaker Ed Short answers these questions from the Bible and shows what we can do to benefit from this information now.