The Deception Behind Halloween

What is the main “doctrine” of Halloween? Is it important to understand? Is this celebration appropriate for Christians? In what way have many churches adapted and even adopted the Halloween celebration into the church trying to make it “acceptable” to the church members? In this program Mark, Rick and Ed answer these questions and use the Bible to show the importance of understanding these things! (Broadcast Date 10/25/2020)

Abstain From Every Form Of Evil

The world in which we live is filled with bad influences. We are affected by these things in subtle and in major ways. Unfortunately there are Christians who will allow and even invite these influences into their lives. In this sermon Prophecies of Hope evangelist Mark Martin shows what the Bible says about keeping ourselves safe from the evil influences of the devil and his world.

Behind The Mask of Halloween

What does the word Halloween mean? Is Halloween just harmless fun? What are the origins of this so-called holiday? What does the Bible say about the things related to this, “night of fun”? In this lecture, Prophecies of Hope evangelist Mark Martin answers these questions and more.